Essential Gear for Taking Your RV on a Hunting Trip

You don’t have to sleep on the ground when hunting this season. Taking your RV on a hunting trip is a great idea. Your RV can work as the perfect basecamp giving you a real bed to sleep and prepare for a busy day. An RV for hunting gives you a real kitchen to cook and a place to shower. Your RV will also protect you from mosquitoes and crawling insects.

While the RV comes with its great comforts, you need to focus more on your hunting. What are the essential gears to have with you when on a hunting trip? This is a difficult question for a first-time camper. You still need to pack essential gears since you’re heading out in the wild. Having the right essential gears will help you camp and hunt like a pro.

Essential gears to carry when taking your RV on a hunting trip come in two categories. These are the hunting gear and the camping gear.

The hunting gear

Hunting is not just waking from your RV, picking a gun, and shooting at your target. There is a lot more involved before you can get your kill. There are a lot of things to carry to make your hunting trip a successful one. These include:

The right optics

There is no substitute when it comes to choosing the right hunting optics. After all, if you’re going to hunt, you must first spot the game.  When hunting game at long ranges, you need to spot it and calculate the distance before shooting. This requires a quality spotting scope.


It is pretty obvious you will not hunt without a weapon. You need the right choice of weapon depending on the game you’re hunting. For example, if you’re into short-range and long-range hunting, then picking a proper AR 15 is a good idea. A good weapon choice and excellent optics get you halfway through in the field.

Maps and compasses

Maps and compasses are a must-have when hunting in any new area. You need to get the maps early and know how to read and use them. While most maps can be found on smartphones, you still need to carry an actual map on paper. In a survival situation, you can end up losing your signal and rely on the map. A compass on the other hand will help you find directions with ease.

Route marking tape

A route marking tape is quite essential when hunting further away from the camp. Sometimes it can be pretty finding your way back to the back after a long day hunting. This is why you need a route marking tape to easily identify your way back. These tapes come in visible colors like blaze orange for you to see from a distance.

Scent eliminators and attractors

It is worth noting that animals have a pretty good sense of smell. They can smell new things and people in their habitat. If you’re not careful, the animals can find you first and escape. You’re the one hunting and want to avoid being hunted. Getting scent eliminators that throw animals off their game. Scent eliminators mask your body scent preventing animals from sniffing you.

We also have scent attractors that can attract wild animals your way. The attractors are great especially when hunting from a stationary position like a tree stand.

Hunting clothes

Lastly, you need to have proper hunting clothes. You need to choose hunting clothes that match your hunting environments. The clothes’ color needs to camouflage the surrounding to keep you hidden from game animals. Moreover, the clothes need to hug your body tightly. Make sure you avoid baggy clothes that get blown away by the wind. Such clothes will easily give your position.

When hunting in cold areas, make sure you choose clothes with excellent layering and insulation for cold protection.

The camping gear

Our next list of essential gears to check is the camping gears. You need to ensure your backpack fits all essential gears that you will use throughout the night. Some of the essential camping gears include:


If you’re staying overnight, you need to carry some utensils to help you cook and serve the food. Consider things like a portable stove, pots, knives, spoons, and cooking supplies.

Warm clothes

The night can get cold even inside your RV. Make sure you carry enough warm clothes. Your sleeping bag will only protect you from cold but not keep you warm.

Water jugs and filters

Water is essential for any camping trip. You need to pack enough water for cooking and drinking. If there is a river nearby, you can consider water jugs and filters to help you with extra water. Purifications tablets are quite important in emergencies.

Survival kit

Lastly, make sure you have your survival kit with you. Survival kits include things like a first-aid kit, medicines, and bandages.

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